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Winners of the Art Show Below

 (Tri-State Art Show 2014)

River Valley High School (RVAG Judging)

Best of Show – Wind Cries Mary by Ariah Matzen

1st Place – Sad Child With Boat by Ariah Matzen

2nd Place – Australia by Maddie Jones

3rd Place – Still Life by Darian Andrews

Honorable Mention – Royalty by Ashley Chavez

Honorable Mention – Live Hall by Madison Rascon

Honorable Mention – Luscious Lips by Adilene Armanta

Honorable Mention – Over Time by Charmene Woodie

Judging by River Valley Artist Guild Below

Kingman Academy (RVAG Judging)

1st Place – Watercolor & Ink by Nicole Boone

2nd Place – Aquatic Spectrum by Sylvie Woods

3rd Place – Obi Way by Taylor Lynch

Honorable Mention – Tying the Knot by Taylor Moon

Honorable Mention – Standpoint by Danielle Hatch

Honorable Mention – Pungent Attraction by Kristin Conley

Judging by River Valley Artist Guild Below

Mohave High School (RVAG Judging)

1st Place – Benedict Cumberbatch – pencil by Martha O’Kelly

2nd Place – Deadly Souls – pencil by Deziree Eliaz

3rd Place – Turtle – pencil by Gabrielle Andrade

Honorable Mention – Drawing – pencil by Youlin Gonzalez

Honorable Mention – watercolor by Melissa Hernandez

Honorable Mention – Indian Girl watercolor by Sydney Leaderman

Honorable Mention – Rainy Days by Michaela Prince

Judging by River Valley Artist Guild Below

Laughlin High School (RVAG Judging)

1st Place – Snake pencil by Carlos Durango

2nd Place – Underwater by JiJun Hun

3rd Place – Kisses by Jessica Meyer

Honorable Mention – Zebras by JiJun Hun

Honorable Mention – Star of India by Sean Coffey

Honorable Mention – Embrace by Carlos Duranzo

Honorable Mention – Mixed Media by Lujah Lopane

Judging by River Valley Artist Guild Below

Mohave Accelerated Learning Center (RVAG Judging)

1st Place – Ying/Yang Coi by Amber Torrez

2nd Place – by Soldier Tribute by Montano Michael

3rd Place – by Javere Galloway

Honorable Mention – River by Nancy Hernandez

Honorable Mention – Skull by Rybecca Yantez

Honorable Mention – pencil drawing by Michael Montano

Honorable Mention – pencil drawing by Paylene Lei

Judging by River Valley Artist Guild Below

River Valley High School (MCC Judging)

1st Place – Self-Portrait by Katie Sun

1st  Place – Reapers Impression by Justin Rupe

2nd Place – Freedom by Tennel Lockwood

2nd Place – Snake Oil by Savannah Stoney

2nd Place – Wise Owl by Cassie Lester

2nd Place – Self-Portrait by Charles Wagel

3rd Place – Nosey by Ray Boynton

3rd Place – Zeus by Chris Kinney

3rd Place – Leo by Austin SeChrist

Judging by MCC Art Club

Kingman Academy (MCC Judging)

1st Place – Plugged In – media playing cards by Josh Cook

1st Place – Warrior by Mahina Makaiwi

2nd Place – Chain Smoking by Antonio Davis

2nd Place – Cardboard Media – by Hannah Renfrow

2nd Place – Spring by Carly Sitlon

3rd Place – by Matheau Johnson

3rd Place – Mind Matter by Brandon Verdugo

3rd Place – Deblobs by Emily Anderson

3rd Place – Grand Canyon Photography by Samuel Block

Judging by MCC Art Club Below

Mohave High School (MCC Judging)

1st Place – Skull n Roses by Kevin Costco

1st Place – Dog watercolor by Megan Schmlecher

2nd Place – Jim Morrison by Prisna Zegarra

2nd Place – watercolor by Erica Dallmue

2nd Place – Audrey by Scarlett Zinggeleu

2nd Place – Sunbathing by Baylee Szimhardt

3rd Place – Master by Tyler Hathaway

3rd Place – The Weeping Angel by Miranda Castilla

3rd Place – Roaring Tiger by Christina Garcia

3rd Place – Indian Skull by Adriana Hernandez

Judging by MCC Art Club Below

Laughlin High School (MCC Judging)

1st Place – Drawing by Carlos Duranzo

1st Place – Make a Wish tempura by Alissa Cronin

2nd Place – Ceramics by Giovanni Del Quadro

2nd Place – Drawing by Mya Wilson

2nd Place – Drawing by Dulce Meza

3rd Place – 3D Giraffe by Johnny Benton

3rd Place – Coil Pot by Geannie Smith

3rd Place – Drawing by Teri Carter

3rd Place – Tempurs by Mary Smith

Judging by MCC Artist Club Below

Mohave Accelerated Learning Center (MCC Judging)

1st Place – pencil by Tyrone Swanson

1st Place – by Amicar Medrano

2nd Place – Dog by Miguel Munoz

2nd Place – No no Don’t Go pencil by Alana Clark

3rd Place – Starry Mountains by Jazmine Bernard

3rd Place –  Hearts by Lizze Simons

3rd Place – White Rose by McKayla Reynolds

3rd Place – Dreamcatcher by Alex Torres

Judging by MCC Artist Club Below
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